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The range of films on offer in 2019 attracted a total of 14.53 million visitors to the domestic cinemas. This corresponds to an increase of 5.8% compared to the previous year. The number of cinema halls (569), on the other hand, fell by 1.4%. The net income of the cinemas in 2019 was EUR 117.3 million, 8.2% above the previous year's figure.

Of the 142 cinemas, 40 had six or more halls; these “large cinemas” had 61,700 seats, that is 67.1% of the total capacity.

In relation to the resident population, the number of visits in 2019 corresponds to 1.6 cinema visits per Austrian. Vienna with 2.2 and Vorarlberg with 2.1 recorded an above-average visit to the cinema per inhabitant. Overall, the Austrian population had an average of 10.3 seats per 1,000 inhabitants, with Vienna at 12.9 well above the Austrian average, while Lower Austria (8.2) and Burgenland (8.6) had the lowest supply density.

The total number of films premiered in Austrian cinemas (438) was 4.3% higher in 2019 than in the previous year (420). Austria placed fourth (when considering national productions and the majority co-production partner) as the country of origin with 38 premieres behind France (39), followed by Turkey (26). As in every year, the USA came first with 155 films this time.

The dominance of the USA as a film country is even more evident on the basis of the distribution of cinema visits. Films from the USA for the first time achieved a market share of 76.4% in 2019, followed by productions from Germany (11.3%); Austrian films (without co-productions with minority participation) achieved a market share of 2.5% (326,700 visits). A total of 51 Austrian films were shown in the cinemas, including the minority co-productions (another 6 films and 67,900 visits) and without the restriction to first screenings. The number of visits was 452,600, which corresponds to a market share of 3.3% (see Film Industry Report 2019).

Most of the most popular films in 2019 came from the USA or were at least an American co-production. The blockbusters of 2019 were "The Lion King" with 839,700 visits, followed by "Frozen 2" (623,700 visits) and "Avengers: Endgame" (611,600 visits). The most successful Austrian productions - apart from co-productions with minority Austrian participation - were the comedy "Love Machine" with 140,100 visits and the documentary "But Beautiful" with 42,400 visits.

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