Why can I sell my kidney

What Ekrem K. (39) is up to is absolutely illegal and life-threateningBROKE! Munich wants to sell his kidney

Munich - Ekrem K. (39, name changed) is desperate: “I am financially on the brink. My company is bankrupt and I have almost 200,000 euros in debt! "

To get out of the bad, he has an insane plan: "I'm going to sell my kidney!"

The trained retail salesman opened his transport company in 2004: "I was a subcontractor, transported mail from the airport to the authorities."

The company is doing well. 2012 the crash.

Orders are falling: "I had to lay off employees and get back behind the wheel myself."

In 2014, the authorities also took away his driver's license.

He touched a guardrail and is classified as "unsuitable for driving a vehicle" because of his 30 traffic sins (cell phone at the wheel, child not in the child seat, too fast).

Ekrem K. has to take the MPU test, the so-called Depperl test: “With a preparatory course, it costs over 4000 euros. I can not afford that."

In the meantime his wife has left him with their two children.

He gets by with cleaning jobs, lives with his new partner.

Tax authorities and banks want their money.

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He rejects personal bankruptcy. "Then I wouldn't be allowed to set up a company for 7 years."

He got the idea with the kidney from the Internet: “That's why I'm going to Eastern Europe. Then I can pay for the MPU test and I can go on again. "

Dr. Maria Volker-Albert, from the “Federal Center for Health Education”, says: “Kidney donations are only carried out post-mortem when brain death has occurred. Living donation is only possible within the family. "

Selling an organ is prohibited in Germany and is a criminal offense. Up to 5 years imprisonment or a fine.

A doctor from Munich (wants to remain anonymous) says: "There is illegal organ trafficking in Eastern Europe, China and India."

Up to 250,000 euros for a kidney.

According to the Transplantation Act § 8

Living donations are only possible for first- or second-degree relatives, spouses, registered partners, fiancés or other persons with whom the donor has special personal ties, says Dr. Susanne Venhaus from the German Organ Transplantation Foundation (DSO)

The doctor: “The victim is the patient who clings to every hope of life. It is 99.9 percent impossible for the donor kidney to fit. Typing is never done there. Too complex, too expensive. The donor then has his money. And the patient will be dead in a few weeks. "

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