How do real winners deal with losses

Radio MA 2016 / II: All winners & losers

Sometimes big losses, but also real winners. 1LIVE is clearly increasing its result - and is now even ahead of WDR2. Antenne Bayern sells at a high level, in Berlin the Berliner Rundfunk continues to surprise. How did it go for FFH and HR3, how did antenne1 fare?

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Nielsen II: North Rhine-Westphalia:
The biggest winner
The biggest winner in the west of the Federal Republic is to be found apart from the classic broadcasters: the Funk Kombi OWL plus increased by 16.5 percent. In the individual stations, 1LIVE prevailed as the bigger winner with 5.4 percent (see below).

The biggest loser
There were few losses in the classic channels in North Rhine-Westphalia. WDR 4 gave up 0.6 percent and is now with 698,000 interested parties in the average radio hour. If you also look at the station combinations, the Dortmund combination has to accept this title: After a minus of 23.7 percent, it now has 100,000 listeners.

The close race for market leadership
In the most populous federal state, market leadership, with the exception of the local broadcasting network Radio NRW with 1.689 million listeners, is again in the hands of 1LIVE. 1.072 million prospects were measured in the average hour. Thus, the eternal head-to-head race between the two largest WDR waves continues. At MA 2016 / I, WDR 2 still had the better cards: While 1LIVE had 1.017 million listeners at the time, WDR 2 had 1.035 million. WDR 2 increased by 0.4 percent to 1.039 million, but 1LIVE shot forward with a plus of 55 percent.

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