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Bracelets for women - the decorative alternative to women's watches

What kinds of bracelets are available and which bracelet is currently particularly popular for women: GALERIA Karstadt Kaufhof provides information about one of the most popular pieces of jewelry of all time and presents the latest bracelets, bangles and bangles to order. On to the current online shop!

Arm jewelery has been worn for almost as long as it has existed for humans: there were already in the Paleolithicdecorative ribbons and multi-link chainswhich were mostly made of natural materials such as bones, animal teeth or shells. They were tied around the wrist for decorative purposes.

These pieces of jewelry became even more popular after it was discovered in the Bronze Age how metal can be worked and turned into precious, shiny arm jewelry. So not only the bracelet for women, but also the masculine version for men enjoyed great popularity. Depending on the version, the bracelet for men was also a symbol of wealth, dignity or power. This decorative accessory was therefore even part of the coronation jewelry of German emperors.

But back to the most graceful arm jewelry of all time - the bracelet for women: The feminine arm jewelry belongsfor thousands of years to an all-round perfect outfit just do it and is now in thevarious materials and designs available. And if you want to have a say in terms of fashion, you should of course be familiar with the most popular models: