Are pipes faster than sleeves

PP-MEGA pipe 8

Polypropylene double composite corrugated pipes
from our own production

ÖNORM EN 13476-3 certified
(from DN / ID 150 mm)

Gross prices - discount on request

DN / IDPiece/
Length¹€ / running meter
100956 m6,50
150426 m13,--
200236 m22,70
250146 m32,20
30096 m42,10
35056 m58,--
40056 m78,20
50046 m124,--
600--6 m170,--
800--6 m318,--
1000²--6.1 m468,--
1200²--6 m727,--
Prices € / running meter, including socket and seal, excluding VAT.

Available on request in lengths from 0.3 to 16 m and / or without a sleeve.

>> Gross price list PP-MEGA pipes 8 <<

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¹ corresponds to the installation length.
The lengths can vary due to
change in production.

² A more detailed description of the socket DN 1000 and 1200 can be found here


Inner wall thickness according to
ÖNORM EN 13476-3      Areas of application

• Road and motorway construction
• Railway and tunnel construction
• Rain and mixed water sewer
• Industrial and commercial buildings
• Collecting pipes (gutter sewage)

• Trench and stream piping
• Alpine and forest road construction
• Street passage
• House and stable construction (manure pipeline)

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ÖNORM EN 13476-3 certified(from DN / ID 150 mm)

  • Impact strength at -10 ° C - Due to the high impact strength, damage when laying the pipe is avoided and the trench can be filled up more quickly.

  • 30% ring flexibility - the pipe can adapt itself slightly to the pipe trench.

  • material - Through the use of pure polypropylene and colored granulate without the addition of additives, the PP-MEGA pipes are of high quality, long service life and high chemical and biological resistance.

Smooth inside - grooved outside!

  • High flow rate - The smooth inside and circular shape increase the water flow rate (hydraulic behavior) and reduce the possibility of silting.

  • Better hold - The grooved outside gives the PP-MEGA pipe enormous flexibility and prevents slipping when laying on slopes.

  • High resilience - The innovative corrugated tube profile gives the tube a ring stiffness of SN8.
    This makes them twice as resilient as conventional PVC pipes with SN4 ring stiffness.

Easy to use

  • light weight - The low weight compared to conventional PVC, concrete or iron pipes is a great advantage for easy handling, transport and laying.

  • easy installation - the PP-MEGA pipe or drain can be laid quickly and easily.
    This is a great advantage, especially with temporary sewer pipes in difficult terrain.
    For construction sites with very little space, the PP-MEGA pipe is also available in 3 m rods.

Air supply pipes

Slurry channel in stable construction

Stream piping

     Uniform socket system    Uniform socket system  Closed pipes and drainages with different ring stiffnesses can be connected with the same fittings.
All fittings and sleeves are suitable for: PP-MEGA pipe or drain 8, 12, 16, PP-WELL pipe
and PP-WELL drain
>> more information on the uniform socket system <<            Socket system for DN / ID 100 and 150 mm All inlets and outlets are cuffed in these two dimensions.
As a result, socket-free pipe sections can be reused without any problems, without an additional socket, and there is hardly any pipe scrap.
>> more information about the 100 & 150 system <<        Socket system DN 200 to 1200 All inlets are lugged with these dimensions. The processes are unmuffed.
The standard fittings from DN / ID 200 to 300 are available as injection molded fittings.
The fittings from DN / ID 350 to 1200 are available handmade.
>> more information about the socket system <<         PP-MEGA fittings 8    Large selection of different fittings
   With a variety of different fittings, such as bends, branches and reductions, the pipeline can be adapted to the different conditions on the construction site.
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   Individually hand-made special fittings      We produce all of our special fittings individually according to the wishes of our customers.
For a non-binding offer, we only need a hand sketch or a plan.
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