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15 German blogs that will really take you further!

German blogs: Until recently, I wasn't a big blog reader myself, especially not of German blogs. But after I prescribed a news diet step-by-step (I do not consume any daily media such as newspapers, TV, radio, etc. and since then have not felt uninformed, but very liberated) I got a taste for it and read especially a lot of fellow US bloggers, because (in my opinion) the number of good German blogs is manageable. This is not meant to be a criticism of any kind, but only represents my personal opinion. Many will certainly, and rightly, see it completely differently.

But there are also German blogs that regularly inspire me and I don't want to withhold them from you. First of all, of course: The list is not complete and should not mean that I classify German blogs that are not represented here as "not good". It is only and a very personal favorites list:

15 German blogs: The list


To start with, a couple of German blogs devoted to the topic of "personality development". Everyone in their own individual way. A lot differs from my point of view, a lot is the same. I find this area of ​​tension important and enriching.

30 thousand

A blog for successful people with a lot of NLP and other methods in the field of personality development. On their blog, Artur and Michael write about their views on life. As they say themselves, this is exhausting, demanding, challenging and does not suit everyone. That is exactly what makes the blog very inspiring for me.

Live blog

Elias is looking for the meaning of life. A big task that he set himself with his blog, I think. It is all the more exciting how he addresses this topic. He writes about self-awareness and personal development, spirituality and lifestyle. This makes life a lot more worth living!

Life without limit

Joachim Hilbert would like to contribute to the fact that the readers discover their uniqueness. The blog makes it clear that we can do more than we believe and would like to broaden our horizons in this regard. This blog relaxes me a lot, just because of the look. And I like the attitude that you have to swim against the current to do it yourself.


Tim is a phenomenon for me. I am not entirely clear how you can produce so much and at the same time such good content on a blog. I don't manage to read everything, but every visit to him enriches me. His Zen approach and my Tao thinking complement each other perfectly. And one of his slogans "For inner peace and dreams come true" is just great!

Personality blog

Roland Kopp-Wichmann is a qualified psychologist and writes a great blog anyway, or perhaps because of it. Personally, it took me a while to get used to this blog and the style. Precisely because it's not my style and my approach in many things, I can benefit a lot from it. A real reading recommendation from me!


The second group is a little more mundane and is dedicated to the topic of "success" in the broadest sense. Here the selection is actually completely individual and personal, the number of German blogs devoted to this topic is quite large. Therefore, this can only be an insight into my personal taste in German blogs.

Digital information products

Tobias Knoof is one of the leading online marketers in Germany. His blog is dedicated to everything that has to do with digital products and information marketing. The content is high quality and extensive, but also polarizes here and there. The fact is that this page gives you a good overview of the subject of "Earning Money Online" and "Generating Traffic". I learned a lot here.

Have fun at work

A blog from Austria! It is about methods for professional and personal development, tips for personality development, employee development and management, coaching and so-called fun tools. The blog is run by the cousins ​​Christoph and Rainer Egger and meanwhile it has become much more than just "Have Fun At Work"

Career bible

A big chunk! As the name suggests, the Bible is definitely for everyone who wants to make a career, whether employed or private. The topics are wide-ranging, the content extensive. Despite its size, the career bible has not become an online magazine with nameless writers. I feel enthusiasm for the cause in every article! Take a look!

Independent in the network

At Peer Wandiger's blog, the name says it all. You can find out everything you need to know to be successful on the internet on this blog. Every aspect is highlighted and prepared in a valuable way for experts and newcomers alike. The Bog has existed since 2007 (!) So it is a real source of knowledge on this extensive topic.

Tool blog

The tool blog is about work organization, self-management and productivity. David Allen's "Getting Things Done" method is the basis. Stephan List writes about all facets of personal work organization. Tricks, methods, software and curiosities. From the practice for the practice. A real treasure trove to make life easy for yourself.

Self management

Thomas Mangold grew up a stone's throw away from me and it actually took almost 40 years before we met. And that via our blogs. He writes a blog on the subject of “living, learning and working more efficiently and productively” and is also an Evernote and Kindle bestseller expert. If you want it to be easier, stop by:


My blogger colleague and friend Holger Grethe makes the complex subject of the “stock market” simple. It's about controlling finances, investing money, building wealth, and all that other stock market stuff. Since I have no plan for it and I even failed with the book “Börse für Dummies”, his blog is a real asset for me. I'm slowly starting to understand.


Travel blogs are a dime a dozen and a lot of them are well done. I think because the topic is just wonderful to cover in a blog. There are many positive emotions, pictures, videos, personal impressions…. Hm, maybe I should write a travel blog too. Until then, my two favorites:

Claudi around the world

Claudi is - as she writes - a travel addict. And you can feel that in every sentence. What makes your blog special is something that particularly engages me. Namely music. Huh? Travel blog and music? Yes, their blog articles all have the titles of rock songs. A great idea that, coupled with the great stories and beautiful pictures, makes this travel blog really outstanding!

Little Miss Itchy Feet

I came across this blog by real chance. Doris is not only a blogger but has also been a travel journalist for years. Actually, it's not fair to just talk about a travel blog here. Little Miss Itchy Feet is about world improvement, fair resources and the veggie world. For me, a blog to feel good, travel with you and think along.


Mark Maslow certainly writes one of the best German blogs on fitness in the German-speaking area. He has set himself an exciting goal: to help his readers “look good naked”. He says: "Being strong and slim is in your genes. I'll show you how to unleash this potential - with free tips on nutrition and exercise."

If you want to start a blog yourself, I have a book tip on your own subject ;-) *

I hope that with my “German Blogs” list I was able to give you a little insight into how valuable well-made German blogs can be for all of us. Personally, I prefer authentic texts that are real and have not been polished by editors to any journalistic report from the press, TV, radio or web news.

For me, not consuming "normal" media is another step out of the hamster wheel. Without TV and newspapers, I feel largely freed from meaningless and, above all, negative news and at the same time I don't have the feeling of missing out on anything. I like my news diet and my blog gluttony.

And I like the world that German bloggers have created in recent years. Because the variety of topics, the content that is offered, the competence and the expert knowledge that is made accessible to many is impressive.

And it's not just the many free blog articles that make it easy for many people to grapple with new topics. The many free e-books, interviews, checklists, mini-courses and the like that are available also provide interested readers with an incredible amount of added value.

Yes, I have to admit that I am very critical of freebies and free content on blogs. For a while I had the feeling that every German blogger gave everything away and at the same time everyone was amazed that the blog was not turning into a business. Because the quality of the free eBooks etc. suffers if you throw free stuff among the people like on a flowbang.

Of course, I see the other side a lot more: namely that we can of course show our readers and maybe soon customers with freebies what we are doing much more easily. Not just what we do, but above all what we can do for them.

Therefore, I have put together freebies from various subject areas (relationships, business, nutrition, sports, money, personality, travel, time management) that will take you a little further on your way, dear reader. Without having to unpack your credit card right away.

So for you here is an (alphabetical and of course not at all complete) overview of what German bloggers have made available for you in terms of free content (At the very end of the list there is also something from me)


A small overview of what German blogs deliver for you free of charge:

Home office adventure

Claudia Kauscheder is the lifeline for everyone who works in the home office. She is an expert on the project and time management tool "Trello". To get you started with Trello, she recorded three free tutorial videos:

This way to the freebie

Chimpify (formerly

Among the German bloggers, Vladislav Mehlnik from Affenblog is one of the great blogging experts who I like to visit again and again. But blogging is not the only thing on his agenda, so-called inbound marketing (a kind of upside-down sales process) is also part of his online business expertise. And precisely for inbound marketing there is a free course, namely "Inbound Marketing for Smart Monkeys", which you can find on the homepage:

This way to the freebie

For me, Anchu Kögl is the German-speaking Mark Manson. Straight out and also bullshit-free, he dedicates himself to the topics that occupy us every day and that seem like gigantic hurdles to us.

Anchu not only writes about relationships, but also about success and self-confidence and career finding. Here you can find all of his free guides, including the one on the subject of “interpersonal relationships”.

This way to the freebie

Tim Chimoy from Earthcity is a digital nomad, so he works wherever there is electricity and internet. He is one of the big names in this niche and not only supports bloggers and info marketers, but also creative freelancers (graphic artists, designers, programmers, etc.) in building their businesses. Under each of his articles you will find his freebie "Customer acquisition 2016/17 - this is how acquisition works properly", for example also here:

This way to the freebie


Katharina Tempel is one of my new favorites. She blogs on Happiness Detective about positive psychology, a topic that fascinates me very much. In general, she is about becoming happier and living a more fulfilling life. Because it's never too late to change your life. You can find their free guide "Departure into happiness" on the home page.

This way to the freebie

Julia and Roman Gruber are nutrition consultants who on the one hand support people offline (in advice and coaching) and online with blog and online courses to find the way to the right diet. You can take the first steps, for example, with the free sugar quiz that you can find next to every blog article:

This way to the freebie

Sandra Heim blogs and helps mothers to set up their own business alongside their full-time mothering job. She herself knows the way from a successful career woman to daycare and back to a successful online entrepreneur and provides the "8 steps that make every mother a successful solo entrepreneur" free of charge on her homepage:

This way to the freebie

Mark Maslow is one of the great German bloggers in the field of fitness. In an inimitable way, he puts a scientific foundation into pointed, entertaining blog articles. He knows that the most important quality is to stay tuned and has therefore put together a free "tool kit for those who stay tuned":

This way to the freebie

Tim Schlenzing blogs on MyMonk about inner peace and realized dreams. For me it is the “OOOOOOOOhhhmmm” of the German bloggers cast in WordPress. His free eBook, the MyMonk Essence, shows you how to let go, free yourself from stress and finally find and realize your true dreams.

This way to the freebie

Conni Biesalski is a veteran of the travel blogger and digital nomad scene. She blogs on Planet Backpack for digital Zen nomads & travelers with an open heart about the art of conscious living with an office in the backpack. With her free e-mail series, she provides you with precise instructions on location independence, the best places for digital Zen nomads and the most important key to your success. You can get it here next to each article and on the home page.

This way to the freebie


My good friend Thomas Mangold is the self-management hero. His freebie is a “checklist for optimal daily planning.

This way to the freebie

Uta Nimsgarn is in love with money. With her, it is about fulfilling the somewhat tense relationship that many in the western world have with more ease. Her free 99 money affimations, which you can get here, help with this:

This way to the freebie

My friend Holger Grethe is an expert in passive investing on your own. On his blog he shows his readers a relaxed way of dealing with money and his preferred form of investment, namely ETFs. In his free dossier "Successfully building assets on your own" he provides laypeople (like me) with a perfect and free first introduction to the subject.

This way to the freebie

My 10 step plan from the hamster wheel

Last but not least, my freebie comes for you: From the hamster wheel to the lifestyle business - the 10 step plan