What is the full form of the camera


Capture subjects in unrivaled detail with the Nikon Z mirrorless system. Thanks to the Z bayonet with its exceptionally large diameter, you can take breathtaking photos and fascinating films with Nikon Z cameras and NIKKOR Z lenses. You also benefit from seamless compatibility with Nikon D-SLR lenses with F bayonet * and other accessories.

* Optional FTZ bayonet adapter required

The light is not everything. It's what you see in that light.

The bayonet with its extra-large diameter, the modern hybrid AF image sensor, impressive series frame rates and sharpness right into the corners of the image field give you artistic freedom. Check out our latest products below.


Lightning fast and incredibly versatile.
  • FX format
  • 24.5 MP
  • ISO 100-51 200
  • 4K movie
  • 14 frames / s
  • 273 focus areas



Capability with which every idea can be implemented.
  • FX format
  • 45.7 MP
  • ISO 64-25 600
  • 4K movie
  • 10 frames / s
  • 493 focus areas



Experience the fascination of full format photography.
  • FX format
  • 24.3 MP
  • ISO 100-51 200
  • 4K movie
  • 4.5 frames / s
  • 273 focus areas



Fast, powerful and easy to use. For perfect, individual recordings.
  • DX format
  • 20.9 MP
  • ISO 100-51 200
  • 4K movie
  • 11 frames / s
  • 209 focus areas



Fast-paced series of photos, excellent performance in low light.
  • FX format
  • 24.5 MP
  • ISO 100-51 200
  • 4K movie
  • 12 frames / s
  • 273 focus areas



Exceptional resolution, uncompromising precision.
  • FX format
  • 45.7 MP
  • ISO 64-25 600
  • 4K movie
  • 9 frames / s
  • 493 focus areas


Nikon Z. Full performance in a handy format.

The Z bayonet system is about much more than mirrorless cameras. It's Nikon's answer to the ever-growing demand for superior image quality in photos and videos. A century of experience in optical technology has gone into this system.

Let there be more light

Thanks to the largest bayonet diameter of all available full format systems¹, the Z bayonet opens up unimagined possibilities for lens construction. Better performance in low light. Uniform illumination right into the corners of the image field. Luminous intensities of up to 1: 0.95. Faster data transfer. The ideal balance between bayonet diameter, large image sensor and back focus.

From F to Z

In keeping with the tradition of optical innovation and the exceptional performance of the F bayonet, the Z bayonet, with its 17% larger diameter, continues this success story and opens up completely new possibilities. With its design, it is also equipped for the future requirements of photographers and filmmakers.

Free sight

Nikon's advanced electronic viewfinder provides a clear view of the subject. The ultra-bright and ultra-sharp viewfinder shows the entire field of view.


Aspherical glass lenses and a protective coating ensure a sharp, brilliant viewfinder image, unaffected by stray light, reflections or dirt. Benefit from a bright picture at night and a brilliant, high-contrast display in a bright environment.


The large and clear electronic OLED viewfinder reproduces colors lifelike and movements smoothly. The sharp and stabilized viewfinder image makes it easier to compose the image - even when panning quickly or when you zoom into the image to check the focus.


You can display your viewfinder image in such a way that it already takes the selected image settings into account - or you can choose a natural image display, similar to that of an optical viewfinder. Either way, you can overlay basic recording information that you may find useful when you are recording.

A mirrorless camera in the usual Nikon quality

The award-winning Z-Series cameras offer the sleek design, durability and ease of use of Nikon SLR cameras in a more compact format.

With the high-resolution, tiltable touchscreen, you will always find the right perspective. You can scroll through images by simply swiping the display. And by double-tapping an image detail, it is displayed in 100% size.

Z series cameras are equipped with a deep handle - for perfect balance with NIKKOR Z lenses of all focal lengths, but also with NIKKOR lenses with F bayonet attached to the FTZ bayonet adapter.

All buttons and controls can be found where they make the most sense in terms of ergonomics and photography. In this way, you react intuitively to every situation without long deliberation. Anyone who has already photographed with a digital SLR camera will find their way around the Z-series cameras immediately.

Seamless integration

Compatible with Nikon's D-SLR system - flash units, remote controls, wireless LAN adapters, external microphones and much more.

The first step to impressive productions

If you want your video content to stand out from the crowd, the Z-Series cameras open up the possibilities for unique recordings. Smooth, even and cinematic 4K Ultra HD in full format. Compatible with a wide range of outstanding NIKKOR lenses. You also benefit from the compatibility with optional equipment such as Atomos Ninja V and thus more flexibility in monitor use and recording.


Successful vlogs in no time at all

Whether you are just starting out or want to optimize your vlog: the Nikon Z 50 is THE mirrorless camera for vloggers. Light and flexible. The fold-down monitor is ideal if you want to be in the limelight while speaking directly into the camera. The scope of delivery includes the NIKKOR Z DX 16–50 mm VR lens. Whatever you want to show your followers ... show more.


Larger bayonet diameter. Lower back focus. Highest imaging performance.

The mirrorless design and the incredibly small flange focal length reduced by 65% ​​enable a more compact lens design, flatter camera housings and innovative optical constructions - for example lenses with a light intensity of 1: 0.95.

17% larger bayonet diameter

At 55 mm, this is the largest bayonet diameter of all full-format systems¹. You benefit from higher light output, improved data exchange between lens and camera and higher image quality.

65% shorter flange focal length

Nikon seems to be breaking the law of optics: With a flange focal length of only 16 mm, Nikon enables cameras and lenses to be more compact and lighter, which nevertheless offer incomparable optical performance and flexibility.

* Compared to the Nikon F bayonet

Well thought-out handling and controls

In order to create a camera that offers the same intuitive usability as a Nikon D-SLR with a more compact housing, the shape and arrangement of all controls have been meticulously thought out and perfected. The result is a typically Nikon comfortable and intuitive photography experience.

The ergonomically shaped handle of the Z-series cameras enables comfortable, safe handling even during long sessions. Thanks to the optimal positioning of the operating elements, reaching around and signs of fatigue are avoided.

Buttons and dials - such as B. Sub-selector, ISO button, exposure correction button and AF-ON button on certain models - have been placed in such a way that they can be operated quickly and conveniently.

Customizable controls and menus give you great flexibility so that you can tailor the recording process to your habits and preferences.

Highest reliability

Z-Series cameras are made from the same tough and lightweight magnesium alloy as Nikon's professional D-SLR cameras. They therefore guarantee the highest level of reliability.

Typical Nikon durability

All mirrorless cameras in the Z series are robustly built and made of a particularly strong magnesium alloy. It is the same material that is used in the D850 and D6 digital SLR cameras and is known for its durability and its unique robustness and low weight.

Dust and splash protection

Z-Series cameras can be used anywhere. The advanced sealing protects all seams and moving components that can be exposed to dust and liquids.

* The sealing against weather influences and dust varies depending on the model.

Integrated image stabilization (VR)

Full-frame cameras of the Z-series have a highly effective image stabilizer (VR) with a moving image sensor, which counteracts camera shake and from which NIKKOR lenses without their own VR also benefit.

Image stabilization by up to 5 light value levels

The powerful integrated 5-axis image stabilization is used in all NIKKOR Z lenses. Image stabilization by up to five light value levels * for up to five axes: tilt, swivel and roll, as well as horizontal and vertical displacement.

VR for NIKKOR lenses with F bayonet

For the first time, NIKKOR lenses with an F bayonet without an image stabilizer can benefit from the image stabilizer in the camera housing when they are attached via the FTZ bayonet adapter. NIKKOR lenses that already contain an image stabilizer also benefit because an image stabilizer with 3 axes is used instead of the 2-axis VR that is common in cameras with an F bayonet.

The most advanced photographic system on the market

Powerful image processing, optimized for high-resolution sensors.

Smart technology

EXPEED, Nikon's continuously evolving image processing engine, enables breathtaking image quality, excellent low-light performance and versatile video capabilities.

Breathtaking resolution

CMOS image sensors with high resolution are designed in such a way that they optimally benefit from the fascinating light output of the Z bayonet and the unique optical performance of NIKKOR Z lenses.

Two memory card slots

Nikon Z cameras with two card slots ensure a faster and smoother workflow. For example, configure the camera to save RAW files on one card and JPEG files on the other. Or record photos on one card and movies on the other.

Expressive films

The advantages of the mirrorless design for video recordings - faster and more precise autofocus with phase detection in the sensor plane, VR integrated into the camera and a brilliant electronic viewfinder - are expanded to include the most reliable video function with 4K / UHD and high bit rate that was previously available from a Nikon camera was offered.

ProRes RAW from camera RAW

Selected Nikon Z full-frame cameras can output a 12-bit RAW video stream directly to an external recorder such as the Atomos Ninja V. The video stream is recorded in ProRes-RAW format - for maximum flexibility in post-processing. This function can be activated from Nikon Service Points.

Your own note


The picture control system integrated in Nikon cameras offers extensive preset options. User-defined fine-tuning to specific motif types or workflows is also supported. You can easily set parameters such as sharpness, color saturation and hue for both photo and video recordings.

Eye AF

Eye AF automatically detects and focuses on human eyes. If the eyes of several people are detected, the eye on which the camera is to focus can be selected with the multi selector or sub-selector, even when the electronic viewfinder is used.

Animal recognition AF

Taking portraits of your loved ones has never been easier. Animal detection AF automatically detects cats and dogs' eyes and focuses on them. So you can concentrate on the choice of the frame and the timing.

Versatile system accessories

As part of the Nikon Total Digital Imaging System, Z-series cameras are seamlessly compatible with NIKKOR lenses with F-bayonet *, flash units, accessories, software and much more.

* With the optional bayonet adapter FTZ

Multifunctional handle MB-N11 for certain cameras of the Z series

This dust- and drip-resistant multifunctional handle contains controls for portrait format recordings and can provide power via USB for long recordings. If a fully charged battery is inserted, this multi-function handle almost doubles the possible recording time.


Battery pack MB-N10 for certain Z-series cameras

The battery pack MB-N10 extends the mains-independent operating time by a factor of 1.8 (approximately) and ensures a more pleasant balance when using long telephoto lenses.


A bayonet. Unlimited inspiration.

With the FTZ bayonet adapter, you can fully exploit the potential of your F-bayonet lenses with a Nikon Z camera - for both photos and videos. The image quality is not affected. With NIKKOR lenses without image stabilization (VR) you can even reach a new level of sharpness.



Z-series cameras are fully compatible with over 90 NIKKOR lenses with F bayonet *. There is no loss of sharpness, resolution or functionality.



Explore a whole spectrum of advanced and diverse options for dynamic flash lighting of your subjects with the Nikon Creative Lighting System.



Expand your options - with compatible accessories from the Nikon D-SLR system: remote release, wireless LAN adapter, external microphones and much more.


DX format versus FX format. Which Mirrorless Technology Is Right For You?

Z-Series mirrorless cameras are available in two image sensor sizes: FX and DX. Regardless of your expertise, a Z-series camera is available that can be perfectly integrated into your work processes and desired applications.

Mirrorless cameras with DX format - overview

  • Large image sensor for outstanding image quality
  • Even lighter compact housings and lenses
  • More range with full-frame telephoto lenses
  • Easily share pictures via smartphone connection
  • Compatible with DX and FX-NIKKOR-Z lenses *


FX format mirrorless cameras - overview

  • Full format sensor for unique attention to detail in all lighting conditions
  • Large high resolution electronic viewfinder with high magnification factor
  • Large dynamic range and low noise across the entire ISO range
  • Enables a clearer separation between subject and scene
  • Compatible with FX and DX NIKKOR Z lenses *


A whole new horizon

The incredible resolution, light intensity and performance of the cameras and the lenses of the Z-series allow the next generation of photographers, filmmakers and all those who want to tell stories with pictures to discover the world with new eyes.

That is not all

Would you like to find out more about the Z-series cameras and the NIKKOR Z lenses? Here you can download brochures on the Z series.

Overview brochure for the Z series

Learn all about the revolutionary technology and concept behind the Nikon Z series mirrorless system.