How can you prevent iron deficiency

Iron deficiency

The human body cannot produce iron itself. Hence, humans must ingest it through food. If people do not consume enough iron-containing foods, for example because they are vegan, iron deficiency can develop. In addition to insufficient iron intake, the body can also lose too much iron, for example due to bleeding or illness.

First of all, the body can compensate for the iron deficiency by releasing iron from its stores. The body stores it in the liver, for example. However, if these iron reserves run out, anemia can develop. Then the body cells are no longer adequately supplied with oxygen and physical performance drops. Extreme iron deficiency can be dangerous, but it rarely occurs in this country.

It is easy to tell if there is a lack of iron in the blood. The doctor draws blood for this, which a laboratory then analyzes. There are two Iron deficiency levels:

  • This is included in the small blood count Hemoglobin levelshowing acute iron deficiency in the blood.
  • The Ferritin value indicates how well the iron stores are filled.

Women are more likely to suffer from a mild iron deficiency, for example when they have very heavy menstrual periods. Iron deficiency in men, on the other hand, is rare.