Do detoxes and cleanses actually work

Detoxify naturally - 7 tips with nettle, oil pulling and Co.

If you often feel tired, listless, exhausted, then now is the right time to detox! Find out what is behind the term and how you can support the natural detoxification processes in your body here.

Waste products accumulate in our body every second. They arise from our metabolism, for example when our cells generate energy. There are also substances that we absorb through the skin or our food. So that these waste materials do not accumulate in our cells and become a health problem, they have to be disposed of by the body. This process is called detoxification.

Several organs are responsible for this task, above all the liver, kidneys, skin and lungs. If the detoxification organs function properly, everything is OK. But if the cleaning system comes to a standstill and / or if the exposure to environmental toxins, pollutants or acids increases, our body gets out of balance. Tiredness, exhaustion, headaches or other disorders can be the result.

With these 7 tips you can actively support your body in detoxification!

1. Detoxify the lungs: ideally with exercise!

Exercise, especially in the fresh air, gets all detoxification organs going. The increased breathing rate detoxifies the lungs better, toxins are excreted through our sweat and organs such as liver, kidneys and intestines benefit from the improved metabolism. It should be at least half an hour of exercise every day, preferably a whole hour. Light endurance sports such as jogging, cycling, walking or swimming are best. It is important that sweat production gets going.

2. Oil pulling - detoxification based on the Ayurvedic model

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic method of getting rid of toxins and harmful microorganisms. Lately, oil pulling has been enjoying increasing popularity again - and for good reason: anyone can try oil pulling for themselves. To do this, put a tablespoon of vegetable oil in your mouth and rinse with it for up to twenty minutes. You pull the oil through your teeth, rinse it from side to side, or chew on it.

I recommend cold-pressed coconut oil for this, as it tastes very pleasant. In any case, it should be a native, i.e. cold-pressed oil (e.g. olive oil, sesame oil, linseed oil, etc.). You don't have to hold out for the twenty minutes right from the start either - feel your way closer and get used to the feeling of pulling the oil back and forth in your mouth. Then spit out the oil completely - for the sake of your drainpipes and the environment, into the residual waste instead of into the drain - and brush your teeth.

3. Water in the morning stimulates detoxification through the kidneys

If you drink a glass of water after getting up in the morning, your metabolism and thus your detoxification organs get going right away. The water replenishes the fluid reserves that were used up overnight. The kidneys and the circulatory system benefit in particular. If you want to intensify the effect, you can add the juice of half a squeezed lemon or some apple cider vinegar to the water.

4. Green power from nature: nettles and dandelions

If you want to use the power of nature for detoxification, you can use some wild herbs. Nettle and dandelion are particularly suitable for this. Nettle leaves can either be prepared like spinach, or you can brew a soothing tea from them. The ingredients of the nettle flush the kidneys and thus promote detoxification. They also have a purifying effect on the blood. Incidentally, the nettle leaves are best harvested with gloves. Once processed, there is no longer any risk of burns.

Dandelion with its slightly bitter taste stimulates the production of bile and thus supports digestion. In spring the unopened buds can be harvested and consumed, the leaves from spring to autumn. They taste good in salads and are reminiscent of rocket.

5. Detox the liver with milk thistle

The milk thistle is known for its liver protecting and supporting effect. As the main organ of detoxification, special attention is paid to the liver in every detoxification regimen. In addition to avoiding alcohol, fast food and cigarette smoke, the liver can best be supported with the active ingredient of milk thistle fruits, silymarin. You can find capsules or juices with milk thistle extracts in health food stores, organic stores or in pharmacies.

6. Pure detoxification: plan for days of relief

Every now and then, a relief day is a good idea to give the body time for detoxification and regeneration. Consume only water, unsweetened teas, juices, vegetable soups, and vegetables that day. Pay attention to good quality in order to really relieve the body. You can do a relief day once a week or once a month.

7. Avoid pesticides, additives, and highly processed foods

If you want to detoxify healthily, you should above all make sure to consume as little contaminated food as possible. In addition to the normal metabolic products that arise in every human being, pesticides, pollutants and additives in particular also burden the organism. We can spare our body this detoxification effort by adding as little of these substances as possible. The concept of clean eating is based on precisely these pillars.

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