What problems do a teacher have

Teachers are only human too

At least once in every student's life there will be a time when you just can't get along with one of your teachers.

In this case, it is best to keep calm. Because you must never forget that in the majority of cases your teacher has the upper hand.

Pedagogical freedom

In particular, it must be taken into account that the teacher is allowed to design his lessons himself within the scope of his pedagogical freedom.

Pedagogical freedom In this context, it means that drummers must be given the opportunity to largely decide for themselves in the class what priorities they want to focus on, how they impart knowledge and how they organize the lessons. Which examples they use to explain or which media and materials they use to design lessons are largely a matter for the teachers as well.

Limits to educational freedom

Pedagogical freedom must not become pedagogical arbitrariness. It must not jeopardize the protection of students from injustice and indoctrination or their right to proper and professional instruction. The powers of the technical supervision by the school supervisory authority must therefore remain in place to a certain extent. Therefore, there are some rules that your teacher must adhere to, such as: B .:

  • Teachers are bound by the curriculum and lesson tables when teaching
  • Curriculum and written performance surveys are to be distributed evenly over the school year
  • No impromptu lessons à la: "What are we doing today?", But careful preparation of the lesson
  • Control and correction of student books and student work
  • Consultation with other teachers regarding the scope of tasks and working hours in order to avoid overburdening the students

Helping people help themselves

So if the teacher z. B. If you do not use pedagogically meaningful methods (such as interrupting presentations), you do not have to put up with that:

The best thing is to get one first Appointment to be agreed with the teacher concerned. If you do not come to an agreement, you can z. B. contact the school management. However, you should collect evidence beforehand so that you can put forward your arguments firmly. You should note abnormalities in class or during class work and look for witnesses. This gives you a good basis for argumentation in front of the school management.

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