How can I feel at home

How can I feel more comfortable at home? 5 simple tips!

Mountain of laundry, tangled cables, deposit chaos. Look familiar to you? Everyone has at least one of these "feel-good disruptors" at home. We'll show you the five most common set-up mistakes that lead to this and give you tips on how to avoid them.

  1. 1. The famous chair in the bedroom
  2. 2. The practical multiple plug
  3. 3. The open garbage corner in the kitchen
  4. 4. The clutter in the pantry
  5. 5. The messy bathroom shelf

Home is a place of wellbeing. But just when you spend a lot of time at home, as in the current Corona situation, you notice them: mountains of laundry on the chair in the bedroom, tangled cables behind the TV cabinet - unaesthetic corners that you haven't thought through when setting up.

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They significantly reduce the feel-good factor in your apartment or house. It is mostly only small furnishing mistakes that tempt you to pile up laundry or to create a tangle of cables.

With the following tips you can easily identify and eliminate the famous troublemakers.

1. The famous chair in the bedroom

We all know him the Chair. Optionally also an armchair, stool or unused half of the bed. Every day clothes that are in the gray area between fresh and worn land on this one piece of furniture in many bedrooms around the world. Not infrequently they tower meters high.

This unsightly tower of all places is often the last thing you see before going to bed. Do you want to escape this nightmare? Then it is best to make it short and painless: Get out of the chair! Because where there is no chair, there is no storage space. If you can't do without him, there are also beautiful minimalist clothes racks or mute servants. You can hang your laundry neatly on them to air them out.

But there is more you can do about the laundry chaos. Take a look at the following guide:

2. The practical multiple plug

Whether in the living room, in the kitchen or at the desk - wherever there is a lot of electrical equipment, there is also a particularly large number of cables. They are preferably carried in a socket strip with as many slots as possible. A horror for every interior perfectionist. Because knotted cables not only look ugly, they also attract bugs. That also disturbs the feel-good factor.

Sure, multiple plugs are practical, after all, more and more electrical devices are finding their way into our apartments and houses. Therefore the motto is: hide the cables! For example in cable boxes or ducts from Ikea. There you will find various solutions that you can screw under the desk or mount behind the TV cabinet. But Hama also has boxes and channels in different designs. Fortunately, there are more and more devices that can do without cables - such as Bluetooth speakers and charging stations for your cell phone.

So you can easily reduce the number of cables in your apartment. You can also find more tips here:

3. The open garbage corner in the kitchen

This eyesore can also be found in many kitchens or pantries: the dark corner where you collect household waste, deposits and old glass. In the worst case, in plastic bags, open boxes or baskets. Not a pretty sight.

It is therefore much easier to live with an inconspicuous solution such as the space-saving and stackable "Sortera" boxes from Ikea. They bring order to the rubbish bin and make it easier for you to sort and recycle. You can also label them decoratively, for example with embossed labels or stickers. Pragmatic solutions can sometimes be so simple - your well-being at home will thank you for it!

4. The clutter in the pantry

Torn-open noodle packs, endlessly stacked canned goods, vegetables flying around loose - does that sound like your pantry? You probably would have preferred to ignore the thought. Sure, the pantry is primarily functional. But well-organized supplies save time and nerves. This also ultimately contributes to your well-being.

You can easily avoid chaos with uniform glasses for pasta, flour and rice. Small additional tip: Label the glasses with chalk labels. Not only does this look decorative, it will also help you find supplies more easily. When classifying, also pay attention to which foods you need more often than others. Ideally, these should always be close at hand.

5. The messy bathroom shelf

Are all storage areas in the bathroom full? Tubes, pots and cans everywhere? Do you collect dust and lime deposits? No wonder if you get in a bad mood in the morning.

Instead of open storage areas, we recommend the classic mirror cabinet. In it you can stow everything that you often need. Less frequently used products can be stored in a cupboard under the washbasin. In this way they disappear from your field of vision and cannot attract dust. It's best to sort out what you don't need - throw it away or ask friends. This makes it easier to keep things tidy and makes you feel more comfortable.

And while you're at it: The chaos in the closet can also cause some frustration. It's not that difficult to keep the cloakroom tidy. You can find out how to do this in the following article: