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Hindi, by far the most important language in northern India, is not as difficult to learn as it might seem due to its lively, strange letters. Anyone who travels through India and speaks a few words of Hindi is quickly accepted as a "dost" (friend) and has a clear advantage in price negotiations. And if you can't think of the right Hindi word, it's not a tragedy if you incorporate an English word - the Indians do that too.


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  • Gibberish phrasebooks offer a quick introduction to foreign languages. All foreign language sentences in the book are also translated word for word once in addition to the corresponding translation into German. This makes it easier to understand the foreign language, and individual words can be exchanged quickly.
  • The grammar is explained briefly and clearly, as far as it is necessary for a simple use of the language. The dictionary at the end contains basic vocabulary and important terms for travelers. Interesting facts about the country and its people and particularities of communication are conveyed on the side.
  • Gibberish books are much more than common travel language guides. The aim is to be able to actually speak after a short time, even if not always ready for printing. If you take a little time to prepare, you can use gibberish to enter into more intensive contact with the locals while traveling and gain experiences that remain hidden from speechless travelers.
  • With over 150 languages ​​in more than 220 volumes, gibberish is one of the largest phrasebook series in the world. Whether you need to brush up on English, French or Spanish or you are looking for an introduction to Chinese, Persian, Wolof, Kiswahili or Albanian: Gibberish offers phrasebooks for all major languages ​​in the world and also for many smaller and lesser-known languages.

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For this book are (free) Pronunciation examples available to help you make yourself understood in the new language even faster. These are excerpts from the “Gibberish Pronunciation Trainer” (available separately). You can access our web app with the pronunciation examples via the QR code on the back of the book or via the following link:


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