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Professional Service Listing: Typo3 launches platform for service providers

Typo3 starts a platform for service providers. They should be able to present themselves in a Professional Service Listing (PSL) and thereby increase their awareness. The page is initially structured like a classic register, but offers further information on using the CMS. At the same time, Typo3 would like to increase its own visibility.

The PSL is a kind of marketing platform for agencies, hosters and freelancers on which they can offer their products and services. A basic entry is free of charge and includes the company name, city and country of the subscriber. Entering further information costs a monthly fee.

For example, providers can create a profile page that describes Typo3 as a digital business card. It then contains a teaser text and a description, case studies, i.e. customer orders that have already been processed, the membership level of the Typo3 Association and all official Typo3 certifications of the employees. In addition, you can add your own logo, a photo of yourself, a link to your own page and a contact form, among other things.

Available in 200 countries

The prices are based on the location of the provider. However, all entries are available in more than 200 countries. "This enables everyone to be able to afford to participate in the PSL, regardless of their location," the press release said.

If you are looking for a provider, there is a filter function on the PSL page typo3.com. There you can select the country, whether you are looking for an agency or a freelancer and which certificate should be available. Germany and German-speaking providers currently still make up a large part of the listings.

Typo3 offers free content management systems. The Typo3 Association behind it is a non-profit organization from Switzerland. Typo3 GmbH handles services for the provision of support and services and the development of the software.


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