What are the best watch boxes

Watch box: test & recommendations (05/21)

Welcome to our big watch box test 2021. Here we present you all of the watch boxes that we have tested in more detail. We have compiled detailed background information for you and also added a summary of customer reviews on the web.

We want to make the purchase decision easier for you and help you to find the best watch box for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. You will also find some important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy a watch box.

the essentials in brief

  • Watch boxes are ideal for storing automatic watches and other mechanical watches as well as quartz watches.
  • In addition to the models for a few watches, there are also those that offer space for a large number of watches as well as jewelry and other items. When choosing the watch box, you should also consider whether you want one with or without a lock.
  • Alternatives to simple watch boxes are e.g. B. watch showcases, jewelry boxes, chests. Small, lightweight watch boxes that are still robust are particularly suitable for transport.

Watch box test: favorites of the editors

The best watch box for 12 watches

The Songmics JWB12B watch box is a great, simple product that has a lot of satisfied buyers. Above all, the low price is praised, with a beautiful, appealing look. Many buyers perceive the look as very classy. In addition, this watch box offers space for a total of 12 watches, which should normally be sufficient for small collections.

The Songmics watch box has a simple and relatively elegant design, which we like very much in combination with the numerous storage spaces. The watch box is made of synthetic leather, velvet & plexiglass on the lid and a fiber board. The inside is covered with velvet and gives the placed watches a stable hold and a noble look.

The best watch box for 10 watches

The Mele Sahir watch box is an extremely successful product that has many satisfied buyers. Above all, the noble optics, the low price and the generous space, also for large watches, are praised.

In our opinion, this watch box is a very recommendable model thanks to the large number of watch placement options and an appealing design.

The Mele Sahir watch box is an extremely high-quality real wood watch box with numerous storage spaces for various large watches. The inside is covered with fine synthetic velvet and gives the clocks a stable hold.

The best watch box for 6 watches

The Songmics JWB11B watch box is a great, versatile product that has many satisfied buyers. Above all, the low price and the beautiful look are praised. It is suitable for storing jewelry as well as for watches.

What we particularly liked about the Songmics JWB11B was the great look and the possibility of combining it with the jewelry.

Fiberboard, synthetic leather cover and the velvet inside make the watch box appear stable and relatively noble. The Songmics JWB11B watch box is a special watch and jewelry box combination with an interesting design, with six storage spaces for various watches and jewelry parts.

The best travel watch box for 3 watches

This cylindrical watch box is suitable for on the go. You can use it to transport your watches safely and easily. There is space for three clocks. You can wrap this around a foam cushion and stow it away.

The classic design is modern and chic. The outside of the box is made of synthetic leather. This will make it easy for you to clean them. The inside of the box is bright and padded with soft fabric.

Advice: Questions to Consider Before Buying a Watch Box

In this guide you will be informed about different types of watch boxes and where you can buy these boxes. If you are not sure which watch box best suits your collection, the following text will provide you with helpful information that should make your decision easier.

Where can I buy watch boxes?

Watch boxes can be bought on the Internet and in specialist shops. There are countless offers on the Internet. From Ebay to Amazon to special manufacturer sites with a wide range of different watch boxes.

What watch storage options are there?

In addition to the watch boxes, there are of course numerous other storage options, such as watch showcases, jewelry boxes, jewelry stands, jewelry cases, watch cases, watch winders and watch chests.

Simple options such as storage in a drawer are also available, depending on the situation. Light watch boxes, which should ideally have space for the entire watch collection, are usually ideal for transport.

What materials are there?

Watch boxes made of real wood are particularly nice to look at. There are also watch boxes on veneered wood. Veneered wood wears out faster and the quality of the product is significantly worse.

The only advantage of veneered wood, however, is the price, and frequent transport can also result in annoying signs of wear and tear on real wood. Therefore, buying watch boxes made of veneered wood can make perfect sense.

It is important to find out about the quality in advance so that there are no nasty surprises.

Did you know that there is a technical term for the internal clock?

This is called chronobiology and deals with the temporal organization of physiological processes and behavioral patterns of organisms.

There are also watch boxes made of real leather, which are significantly more expensive, but are of absolutely high quality and extremely popular with collectors. Dark leather with a correspondingly lighter contrast stitching looks very elegant with correspondingly elegant automatic watches.

There are also many watch boxes made of white leather, unfortunately the soiling of these models is quickly noticeable. However, such models are very popular with women.

What are the reasons for buying a watch box?

Valuable clocks from collectors simply need a suitable, practical and elegant storage option. Watch boxes are practical because they can be easily transported, the watch boxes can often be locked and thus thieves can easily be prevented from inconspicuous theft.

In addition, such boxes can also be stowed in the safe and the clocks can also be displayed in an interesting manner in the box, so that visitors and friends can admire the collection in all its glory without the clocks being scratched or dusty, with simple storage in any open space or in a drawer, where friction can unfortunately scratch the watches.

In this way, the watches remain as good as new and can be presented as a whole at any time.

It should of course be ensured that the watch box has a viewing glass so that the watches can actually be seen from the outside and the watch box does not have to be kept open all the time.

How much does a watch box weigh?

A watch box often weighs between 0.5 kg and 4 kg, for heavy wooden models.

What do watch boxes cost?

A wooden watch box costs between € 60 and € 200.

What should be considered before buying?

  • It should be taken into account how many watches the collector has or how many watches are actually important and, if applicable, how many watches are to be transported.
  • Choosing the right color and design, from simple to extravagant, everything is possible.
  • For women, a combination watch box is also an option, in which jewelry can also be stowed away.
  • Ideally, the size of the watches should also be taken into account, as particularly large watches do not necessarily fit in a watch box and may be damaged.

Decision: What types of watch boxes are there and which one is right for you?

Basically, one can distinguish between three types of storage options for watches:

The classic watch box is a box in which you can stow any number of watches. Usually these also have a built-in viewing window. Watch winders, on the other hand, are essential for mechanical watches. They ensure that your automatic watch is wound and ready for use, even when you are not wearing it.

How does a classic watch box work what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The main distinguishing features of watch boxes can be seen in the material used and in their processing. You can find some sellers on the Internet who offer storage for your watch. They sell different models and use a wide variety of materials.

The highest quality classic watch boxes are made of wood, leather or imitation leather. As a cheaper option, you can also use plastic or plastic watch cassettes. If you're looking for a wooden watch box but don't want to spend large sums of money, look out for models made of veneered wood.