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Hacker explains which browser is the safest

What about smaller browsers such as Opera - should I take a closer look as an interested user?
Yes, these browsers can make sense at times. The Firefox browser, for example, draws a lot of memory. Opera, which requires far less computing power, can help. It also offers an integrated VPN that can be used to protect privacy. However, these small advantages usually have little to do with security. As with the other browsers, the following also applies here: the behavior of the user is decisive. Anyone who acts inappropriately also makes a secure browser vulnerable to attack.

Which two security settings should every user change immediately?
You should definitely install the plugins that I mentioned earlier: NoScript and uBlock Origin. Regular updates are also essential. You should also block dangerous and fraudulent content. It is worth taking a look at the settings for this.

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The Tor browser, with which users can also access pages in the Darknet, is considered to be particularly secure. Is it even suitable for everyday use?
The Tor browser makes sense for users who value anonymity. This includes politicians, activists, lawyers and journalists. Tor obscures where a request comes from because the browser sends all information through a network of multiple servers that do not all know each other. For example, this means that it cannot be traced back to my IP address when I open a website. The browser also prevents scripts from running and it forbids third parties from tracking me. Also, the browser window isn't maximized when I open Tor. Because website operators can also see the size of my screen, for example, and thus narrow down who I am. The downside: Because Tor sends everything over a network of servers, the browser is noticeably slower.

If I have set my browser to be as secure as possible, can I surf any website?
One has to assume that software is not error-free. It could be that an attacker discovers a previously unknown vulnerability in a browser. No plugin protects us against this. But if I improved my security measures, I would just trust the browser, avoid dubious websites and browse the Internet normally.

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