What colors make yellow pale

Color advice - colors and their effect

We see and experience the colors differently. The experience is shaped by our culture and our environment and personal experiences with colors. When, for example, we liked to play our grandmother in the blue-painted kitchen when we were children. This is how we associate colors with positive emotions.

Even if our color experience is deeply subjective, we can still observe a general color perception that is the same for almost everyone.

Color of clothing can increase our well-being, express our individuality and create a certain effect in others.

But be careful, not everyone automatically looks good in their favorite color. You will recognize this quickly when different color cloths are tested on you during a color consultation.


Red color

Vital, attractive and self-confident. Dominant, aggressive and powerful.

The color red is a powerful and present color. She dominates and exudes power and assertiveness. With this color you are in the center of attention, appear attractive and underline your self-confidence through it. Strong and extroverted personalities can wear this color, because red attracts everyone's attention.

Business: Red exudes activity and self-confidence. Sometimes it can be too "loud" and outshine the personality. Red ties can appear dominant depending on the intensity of the color.


Color PINK / Rosé

The color pink has a soothing effect on the viewer. It looks soft and gentle. It's a quiet color for people who don't want to be dominant. It signals sensitivity, charm, love and romance.

Soft pink exudes a gentle elegance, but can make you look pale, a rich berry shade flatters almost every woman.

Business: Men and women can of course wear pink. Fortunately, the times are over when we allow ourselves to be restricted by rigid regulations.

Ask yourself what message you want to convey with this color. Pink can appear playful, reserved, and girlish. In combination with black, the pink is deprived of the message of restraint. Nice contrast for a business combination.


Color PINK

Pink is a strong color that makes your appearance unmistakable. The combination with red was a trend from 2017 and is still used today as a color-blocking combination. Pink weakens the dominant red.

Incidentally, pink and pink are supposed to relieve stress.

Business: The woman has power and does not have to appear masculine to prove her competence.



Burgundy is an alternative to black, looks classy and confident. It can look boring tone-on-tone, try burgundy with camel, beige or pink. A great classic-elegant combination.

Business: Classic color without much fanfare. It has a calming effect on its environment and radiates warmth.


Color orange

Orange is a beautiful color, modern and calls for a creative style of clothing. Orange is a powerful and at the same time playful color. Where red is intimidating and powerful, orange creates an uncomplicated and sociable appearance. Orange looks great with suntanned skin. You can also combine this color wonderfully with camel. The very brave can also create a color-blocking look with pink. Combined with dark blue, the darker color brings a little calm to your outfit.

Orange stands for unadjusted, creative people who wear this strong color in a trend-conscious way.

Business: Vital and happy, young and dynamic. Depending on the business, too "loud" for their environment.


Color APRICOT / pale orange tones

In the palette of pale orange tones there is a color for every woman, pink-ground peach for the cool types, yellowish apricot for women with non-natural warm colors. Every nuance always appears warm and friendly, less sweet than pink, more elegant. Not as bright as orange, but subtle. However, the colors are so restrained that these colors also tend to move the person into the background. If you like to wear these colors, you can choose pants in this color, for example. The color of the pants has no influence on our face and can therefore harmonize with other soft colors. See also color advice.

Business: Restrained color, better suited to people with a lot of contrast. Pale people take a back seat and are more suitable for summer tanned skin.


Color coral "Living Coral" - trend color 2019

is described as a life-affirming and stimulating orange color with a golden undertone. This color brings summer warmth into the wardrobe. It looks more subtle than red or orange and can be combined well with light, soft brown tones and blue tones. It also harmonizes with white, which makes the color coral particularly shine. In everyday life it can be worn wonderfully with gray trousers or jeans.


Color yellow

Yellow is a cheerful color that radiates zest for life and energy and with which one attracts positively.

The offer ranges from a tangy lemon shade to bright sun yellow and warm buttercups to rich curry nuances.

With this color, we have to look carefully to see which shade suits us or, if so, makes us look sickly. In combination with white a nice, summery, fresh combination.

(Unfortunately, the color also visually enlarges the figure, preferably one or two dress sizes.)

You can also use the color specifically as an accessory. Belts, bags, fashion jewelry and shoes set great accents, but avoid the color, especially on trousers, skirts and dresses.

Great combinations are created with the colors blue, gray, lilac, rose and pink - it always results in an expressive mix.

Business: Happy, optimistic and friendly.


The delicate yellow makes you appear delicate and fragile, almost inconspicuous. If you want to look light and airy in the summer months and your skin is already slightly tanned, the delicate yellow creates a simple, elegant outfit. Here, too, the color blue provides a nice contrast.

Business: The delicate yellow makes you look pale, it is best to combine it with a high-contrast color or do not use this shade over a large area.

Tip: Yellow helps to drive away cloudy thoughts.


Color green

Green has a calming and balanced effect and is not necessarily one of the favorites when it comes to color advice. Depending on the mix of colors, the cool blue or warm yellow dominates. If you are one of the cooler color types, the cooler green is the better choice for you.

Green is a classic color and, as fir green, looks more conservative and boring. Green grass is refreshing, but doesn't suit many people. Olive green is very much in vogue again, but often gives wearers a sickly complexion. Combine fir green or olive green with white and your outfit looks fresh and airy.

Business: Natural, balanced and relaxed.

Scientific study: Green calms us down, this can be measured medically. The longer we look at green, the fewer stress hormones can be measured in the blood.

Basic trend color 2021: Sphagnum - moss green. Doesn't suit everyone. If you like the color, but the complexion is not a pleasing color, use it away from the face.


Colour blue

The better choice next to black is navy blue - the color is a whiteman compared to black. Try - also in a business context - instead of the "hard" black to go for a darker blue or anthracite. The effect can be amazing - I know from my own experience.

Yellowish blue tones such as petrol can make the eyes and complexion of southern types, sun-tanned people, shine.

The cool ice blue suits the Nordic type.

Sky blue has a very clean and uncomplicated effect and is often worn in summer or as sportswear.

Pastel blue looks airy and fresh, simple and plain.

Trend color 2021: Polar Night - a dark dark blue. Can be combined with almost any color, including black.

Business: Blue is a typical business color. She appears objective, competent and trustworthy. It can be wonderfully combined with other colors.


Color VIOLET (ultra violet trend color 2018)

There are many people who do not like purple because it tends to cause anxiety and is perceived as uncomfortable.

Red-violet, purple, has a much more harmonious effect than blue-violet, as it often appears cold. Often times, blue-violet makes our personality visually age, look sickly and pale.

Combine this color with beige or white, for example.

Business: Extraordinary, original, special, really cold and distant.


Color white

Despite all the colourfulness, the color white must not be forgotten. It turns bright colors into a calmer mix. White embodies the good and therefore does not evoke any negative associations. This color stands for lightness and freshness and always goes well with other colors. A real combination genius.

In the mixture with yellow and green it provides a fresh color picture, with red and blue you create a sporty and maritime appearance.

Business: The white blouse / shirt blouse / blouse shirts are classics in business. They are wonderfully combinable and look well-groomed and chic in everyday life as well as in business. Porb the combination of white and camel. All bright colors (e.g. red) match, for example as an accessory.

Basic trend color 2021: off-white. Can be easily combined with beige, brown, dark blue, violet and pink.


Color: Black

Black is an authoritative color that is used as a symbol for self-confidence, external reduction and minimalism. Black surrounds us like a protective coat that hides us from other people's eyes. That's why we like to hide behind black clothing. Black entices a coolness factor and makes us not only appear more mysterious, but also slimmer and more elegant.

Anyone who likes to wear black needs distance from other people.

Black can be combined well and weakens the distance effect by combining it with other colors. Nice combination of camel and black (the hit in spring 2020).