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How do I keep my treadmill from jerking?

If your treadmill is having jerky or slipping motion, you likely either have too much running surface or your treadmill is not properly centered. When any of these things happen, the belt feels choppy and unbalanced. Both of these issues can be resolved with a quick and easy process.

A group of people are running on a treadmill. (Image: Ancika / iStock / Getty Images)

Step 1

Find the belt adjustment screws on your treadmill. They are generally located on the back of the treadmill, on either side of the end of the belt.

step 2

Set your treadmill at a slow pace of 2 or 3 miles per hour. You will need to move the tread as you adjust it to tighten or center the belt.

step 3

Find the right Allen key for your treadmill. These hex keys usually come with the treadmill. However, if you've lost it or bought the treadmill second-hand, buy a ring with Allen screws of various sizes at any hardware store.

Step 4

Insert the Allen key into the screw on the right side of the belt and turn it a quarter turn clockwise. You should see the right side of the belt pull a little tighter as you turn the key.

Step 5

Insert the Allen key into the left screw and turn it a quarter turn clockwise.

Step 6

Walk on the treadmill for a few minutes to see if it is still jerky. In this case, you may need to retighten both set screws to remove any excess loose running surface. If the strap seems to favor one side, just tighten that side to see if you can re-center the strap.


To check if your running surface is too loose, you can turn off the treadmill and pick up the belt in the middle. You should be able to lift the strap 2 or 3 inches. If you can lift it up any more, the belt is too loose. If you can't lift the belt even 5 cm, the tread is too tight and needs to be loosened. You can loosen the profile by turning the belt adjustment screws a quarter turn counterclockwise.


If the treadmill still jerks after adjusting the belt, there may be a defective motor belt or some other mechanical problem. In this case, contact a trained treadmill technician.