What are microdermales

Deep chest piercing

In the footsteps of Fakir Musafar with the Deep Chest Piercing

This type of piercing is mainly known from the fakir Musafar. He uses his deep chest piercings for suspensions and pullings, among other things. The method itself is a very long puncture canal through the chest. The application is called "deep", but this does not mean that the needle penetrates the muscle and possibly injures it.

The piercing can be done horizontally, vertically or at any angle.


  • Surname: Deep chest piercing
  • Where is it stung: through the chest
  • Piercing cost: 70 - 110 EUR
  • Type: Body piercing
  • Healing time: 10-15 months
  • Pain when stabbing: heavy

So far, the method has been quite rare, as it can take years for it to heal completely, depending on its strength and length. A saying goes: "Only the tough come into the garden". Must give enough of it, because you often see deep chest piercing in the body mod media. There are different methods on different parts of the body. Piercings have been known for around 7,000 years. This was how the tribes differed at that time.

The piercing motivation

In the past decade, nipple piercings, including deep chest piercing, have grown in popularity enormously. To be seen in many women and men who wear such piercings, in connection with sometimes simple but beautiful jewelry.

This is a current trend in the area of ​​body piercing. Not everyone has a strong breast like "Conan" and therefore has them alternatively embellished with a deep chest piercing to suit their taste. One thing should be clear to anyone planning a piercing on their body, it has nothing to do with piercing the earlobe.

How does a piercing work and how is it done?

There are two methods to perform a nipple piercing. In the first, the simple barbell method, the needle runs under the skin layer between the skin and the muscle layer. The second method involves a process of anchoring. Here the jewelry or a dermal anchor is placed in a hole. A hole that is drilled into the skin layer up to the muscle layer. The jewelry for this is equipped with a metal base, which should anchor itself in its function in the skin. With this method, both microdermal and dermal breast piercings are possible.

Do both piercing variants follow the same pattern?

The two methods are more or less a standard method that should be followed meticulously. The skin is cleaned beforehand with a commercially available alcohol-based cleaning agent. Professionals use a 70% alcohol solution here, as this also acts as a sterilizing agent. If necessary, the hair in the specific chest area can be shaved off. The exact position of the piercings is marked with a surgical pen.

The introduction and exit of the surgical needle soaked with 70% alcohol into one of the markings then takes place through the other mark. The wearer's jewelry is then inserted through the piercings. Alternatively, the jewelry can also be attached to the puncture needle with its anchor, guided directly inwards and anchored with the needle.

Does Deep Chest Piercing Cause Pain?

Even a little ratchet on the skin is painful, so it is completely clear that this is an injury to the skin, as a hole is made in the body, which it regards as a wound and wants to heal. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen that quickly, as the metal rod of the piercing prevents healing or at least delays it for up to 12 weeks. After this time, most of it has healed and the wearer can then replace his piercing.

Many a piercing wearer cannot wait for the time to heal, but this can lead to health consequences. For this reason, the piercing should heal in peace for a long time. Since every piercing is a new achievement, the wearer should be particularly careful not to get caught with his piercing.

Health risks

Like other body piercings, breast piercings come with some risks. Therefore, good aftercare care is very important. The piercing wound will remain red and swollen for the first few weeks. Until the wound has healed well, it needs daily care. If there is a lack of cleanliness here, the wound can become infected and cause pain. Even if it hurts or itches a bit, you should not touch the wound with dirty fingers. Before the wearer puts their hands on their piercing, they should always make sure that their hands are cleaned with a good antiseptic soap.

The piercing should also be dabbed every now and then with a solution of water and table salt with a cotton ball. Salt water cleanses the piercing and prevents it from becoming infected with bacteria. Do not overdo the cleansing, however, as this can delay healing.


In order to accelerate the healing process of the deep chest piercing, a healthy diet and care while observing all important minerals and vitamins is important. Eating a healthy diet strengthens the body's immune system.

Painful manifestations

If complications such as severe pain, pus formation or inflammation occur, the wearer should immediately consult a doctor so that the necessary and supportive therapy can be carried out here. If the going gets tough, the jewelry may need to be removed to fix the negative impact of the piercings. If there are no problems, the wearer cannot complain about a certain amount of attention.